Thursday, September 04, 2008

Story Time!

I've never seen two boys that get so excited about a story before bed. We spend a good ten minutes picking out the perfect story book to read right before bed. Joshua normally picks something transportation related or a Mercer Meyer book. Jacob is unpredictable and picks the longer stories. We even have to tell him to re pick sometimes because we'd be there till midnight reading him a book about Knights or Dinosaurs. I love reading them their stories and so does their Dad. It's one of the highlights of our night and makes us feel all parental and stuff.


Sara said...

Cute! Logan loves his Little Critter books too, I think we have around 20 of them.

Kristi said...

We do this too, just not every night. We do the marathon a couple times a week. Gavin loves the Mercer Mayer books, too. How could he not? Little Critter is so funny.
Owen really likes the Brown Bear book by Eric Carle.