Friday, September 05, 2008

Meet the Teacher Night

We had "Meet the Teacher Night" at Jacob's school last night. It was basically a meeting in the child's room where you met the teacher and received some papers saying what the were doing in class every day with a schedule and we went over that. They kids showed of some of the work they've been doing and showed their room off. Jacob was so glad to have us there and he was very proud of some of his drawings. I didn't know this, but he has even written a story already and shared it with the whole class. I found that interesting as he doesn't even know how to read yet or write words. The teacher said that they sound out words the way they think they are spelled and that's how they write. She also has a 30 minute block where each table has her to help them spell words for their stories if they feel they need her help. It was cute to see him in his room and see how proud he was of his class and friends. I really enjoyed it.

This morning he has a breakfast for the Grandparents for Grandparent's day. Mr. Big's parents came and picked him up and took him to school so they could spend time with him there. He was very excited! Donuts and juice and some time with your doting Grandparents, what could be better than that??


Jerri Ann said...

Walker will do grandparents day next Friday and my mom should be able to go unless something happens. I kept Walker out of school this whole week so he could go to the beach. We haven't had a real vacation in ages so it was awesome to get to go play.

I carried his school work with us and we had school each day. I was amazed at what he has learned in the few weeks they've been in school. It is so amazing.

Kristi said...

I am impressed and a little jealous of your story writer! There is a book you should get by Dr. Suess. It is called, "All about Me". It is a fill-in-the-blanks book. I picked up one for Gavin to do at the end of this year once he is writting.

Kristi said...

You shouldn't post this comment probably, but you should take pics of all Sarah's stuff. I wanna see all her clothes and such and besides, don't you want to be like Sextina? Hahahahahahahahahahah