Sunday, October 19, 2008


Years ago I read an ad in the paper about a free kitten. I went to a trailer out in the boonies and this lady showed me her one kitten that she had left to give away. He was a scrawny thing with no tail. The tail was twisted and mangled. Although I was hoping for a better looking kitten, I couldn't leave him there so I brought him home. My Dad fell in love immediately and he was called "Bob" for his bob tail.
Bob lived a good life in the house. He had free reign and was King of his castle. When I would come home to visit Bob would always come over to the recliner and let me pet him. Even when I started bringing the grand kids over he endured their torture and rough housing. Don't get me wrong, he'd do his fair share of hiding under chairs and sofas (see pictures), but he never once scratched or batted them away. He was such a sweet, loving, devoted family pet.
This weekend Bob passed away with my Dad at his side. My Mom said my Dad is taking it really hard. I can only imagine watching your best friend fade away and the life being taken from them. I hope Bob is in a better place and I know that he is grateful for the wonderful life he led in our family. He was loved and cherished and will definately be greatly missed.


plaaero4me said...

Thanks for the tribute! I miss him terribly, he was my best friend for all those years! We had alot of great memories together.
I appreciate this memorial!
Love, Daddy

Chris said...

I'm sorry about your dad's loss :-( That sucks when animals have to go :-(

Sara said...

Awwww, loosing a furry friend is so hard. RIP Bob.

Lisa said...

So sorry Aimee. Hugs to your dad.

andria said...

Aww. So sorry about your cat.

My dad had to put his (formerly my) cat down in Feb. and he's still bummed about it.

Tiburon said...

Sorry to hear about Bob :(