Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. I'm thankful for my Pump N' Style Breast pump. Without 'her' I would not be able to express BM and have my husband give a bottle to our daughter so I can get atleast one six hour stretch of sleep a week. Not to mention my PIS is great to rest a nipple that is cracked at the moment. Yes, the state of my boobs is of utmost importance in this house. We have a boobaholic living here now and it's not Mr. Big.

2. Dora the Explorer. I love her. She babysits my three year old when I am nursing my five week old. She talks to him. She teaches him. She distracts him. Even if it's a limited amount of time, it's time.

3. Tide laundry detergent with an added dash of April Fresh Downy. I love the smell of it and I also love that it washes all 500 loads of dirty laundry we have to get done every week. Did I just type WE? Uh, I meant I get done every week. Not that I'm keeping score, yea right!

4. Toilet plungers. Joshua has a thing for flushing massive amounts of toilet paper down our toilets. He's almost lost an arm due to his misadventures and I have just given up on the beatings. The toilet plunger has saved the day more than once and let's just say that this week it's gotten a work out. Who needs Joe the Plumber? I have Toilet Plunger.

5. My Telephones, land line and cell phone. Without this little gadget and technology I would not be able to have human interaction because I haven't been brave enough to venture out. If you count the drive through people at McDonalds and Taco Bell then, yea, I get some adult conversation in, but honestly you can only talk about adding guac to a burrito so many days in a week. And, come on... they should already know that I like four packets of mild sauce with my tacos. Jeeeeeeez-us!

6. My husband. Even though he's busy and life is stressful at work he always has time to listen to me moan and groan about the lack of sleep I'm getting and the rough day I've had with three kids. He puts aside that the stock market sucks donkey gnads right now to listen to my miniscule problems from the day. I love that about him. Oh and the fact that he's put up with me longer than any guy has ever put up with me. Lucky him! Ha ha!

7. My Mom. She comes and rescues me atleast once a week. Her visits really are a breath of fresh air. She distracts Joshua and it just makes the day go by so much quicker. Just having an other adult here is nice and I enjoy our visits. The boys, of course, love their Adda and get excited when she comes over. It really helps break up our week. Now if I could win the lottery and buy her a house near us that would be even better because I would have a built in baby sitter! A girl can dream!

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Lisa said...

A lot of those made me smile. It's all about perspective! :-)