Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where have I been?

I feel like I've been in a cloud for the past six weeks. It's strange how giving birth and lack of sleep can make a woman feel so, well, tired. When I'm not trying to catch up on my sleep or take care of my household, I'm just relaxing and trying to figure this whole three kid thing out. It's been a whirlwind of school, chasing a preschooler around and nursing a newborn. If I don't have one hooked to the boob, I've got one needing a drink or snack or a load of laundry calling my name. It hasn't been that stressful of an adjustment as far as adding Sarah into the mix, it's just been the time frame for usual and ordinary chores around the house. I'm working on the balancing act, I guess.

I do have time to take loads of pictures. The cuteness is overwhelming at times and I find myself staring at each of my children more than a stalker. I am in love with all three of my kids and my camera gets a daily work out. Life passes by too quickly and I want to treasure and remember each and every sacred moment of it. So, if you are a Flickr friend of mine you have probably seen all my pictures and if not then go and check them out. You can also read about Sarah on my TTC blog as I'm still posting there for Sarah.

How is everyone? Comment and let me know how life is treating you! Are you ready for the holidays?

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Jenn said...

Hi Aimee

Can I have access to your TTC blog and your Flickr to see pics of Sarah??

When you are trying to work out the 3 kids thing, remember this! I had a newborn and 2 others under the age of 3 and my husband at the time was having an affair and not around. I was a single mom of 3!!!