Thursday, January 15, 2009

Joshua on being 3.

When you're three there is a world to explore.

You are discovering your independence and asserting it.

You are mischievious, cheeky and down right crude.

You explore bad words that you were always too afraid to say before.

You throw tantrums on the floor and kick your feet with anger.

You make funny faces, sometimes dirty faces at others.

You don't always listen when you're told to do something.

You have selective hearing.

You run away in public, even though you know you'll get in trouble for it.

You don't listen, unless there's candy involved.

You laugh at yourself.

You throw toys at people.

You get irritable easy.

You hate to go on the potty.

You are your very own little person no matter how we tried to meld you.

But.....even with all your new found discoveries...

You are precious.

You are loved.

You are laughed with and at.

You are hugged and kissed lots.

You are priceless.

And all the bad,

is overcome by all the good because all of this shall pass as you grow and mature.


liz smith said...


It makes me feel so much better to have other parents express their feelings about their "very busy" little people.

My four year old is just as you described. The problem is that not all relatives see him the way I do. An aunt who never had children and lives in another state was here for Christmas. She made numerous comments about how my son needed discipline and a good swat on the butt so he would behave. He is disciplined; I just don't beat him. Anyway, she gave him a book when she left on manners. It really hurt my feelings because she didn't tell me about it. I found it after she left and my dad told me where it came from.

Some kids are more spontaneous but they also tend to be more fun.

Chris said...

There you go... speaking of my Jadyn She doesn't throw toys at people. She just flings things from the back seat at me when I make her mad in the car..... The paci is a good one.

Melissa said...

3 years is my FAVORITE age! Everything they do and say, naughty and all, is still too cute!