Monday, January 05, 2009

Monster Truck Show

We had the pleasure of going to the Monster Truck show this weekend with the boys. We went with one of my BFFs, Jen and her family. We met for mexican food first and that started the night off in a great way. I love mexican and so do all my littles. The monster truck show wasn't anything like I expected it to be. We really got into it and had a great time! Bounty Hunter won the races and Grave Digger won the freestyle. It was funny because the boys had monster truck toys in tow on the way there and coincidentally they had Bounty Hunter and Grave Digger. I thought that was funny. I think we're fans now and will probably try to go again. If you could have seen how still Joshua sat for hours you would have been impressed! I know I was.

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BiBi said...

How cool!!
My brother went this weekend too. He said we should go too but we just weren't able to.
I loved it that time we went a few yrs ago! It was awesome!
I can imagine Joshua sitting still - Oscar did that time we went ;)