Thursday, February 19, 2009

Maryland is coming home!

I've been due for a visit from my Maryland BFF for awhile. Life is just not the same when you go more than a year without a girly visit. I'm looking forward to our late night chats and talks over margaritas. The location never matters nor does what we do when we're together. Life just seems to stand still and everything around us goes on normally like it should. I really enjoy our visits and I'm happy to have her here for a long weekend. Of course, I want to kick her ass at the same time because I've never felt the tug to clean my house so well. I know she would care less, but let's just say that a pregnancy of neglect has finally coming to an end. My carpets are getting shampooed and the dust is not there to write notes in anymore.

**This is an old school picture from the Poconos when my SIL was married. We seized the opportunity to meet up and party together.

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Ida said...

Hope you have fun!