Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank you, God!

I read lots of blogs and even though I sometimes don't visit those blogs every day I do try to go by weekly or bi-monthly to catch up. It's funny because I tend to visit blogs daily that are in crisis. Sometimes I ponder why I do that to myself because some of the blogs on the net these days are so painful and emotional to read. I find myself captivated by the raw emotions and the disparity of the blogger in crisis. I read their words and their pain and it jumps off the screen into my heart. I sit in prayer and I pray for them. I mean I dig deep and ask God for answers and for guidance for them. I am a deeply spiritual person and while I mostly keep my religious views and thoughts to myself I do have a profound love and adoration for our Lord God. I believe, I believe in him and I believe in miracles.

Today I've already visited McMama's blog and I can't imagine the confusion and the anguish she is experiencing within herself right now as a mother. She writes as if she's a strong mother, but I can also read through her posts that she's in a ton of hurt right now. I can imagine that the fear she is experiencing at this time is overwhelming her. I can imagine that the fear of losing her five month old son is terrifying her. I can imagine that the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring is absolutely devastating. I can imagine that everything in her world right now feels rocky and unsure. While her world is captivating to many, you have to sit back and think of the reality of everything and pray that in the words on her blog there will be salvation and recovery. I think sometimes we forget as humans that while we're being entertained by tragedy, the person involved in the tragedy is there pleading for help. I ask the Lord today to be with all those in pain and suffering, especially McMama and her family.

In the midst of tragedy it's easy to get lost, but I am trying not to get lost. I say today that I am thankful for my normal, every day routine. Most importantly, I'm thankful for my healthy children and husband. I am thankful that everything is okay here and that my life is typical. I am happy, healthy and a proud mother and wife to a beautiful family. I can't imagine if a knife were stuck through that right now and I am thankful on bended knees saying to God, Thank you!

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