Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mommy's Angels

My boys ar so different in personality. While they share resemblences as brothers, they do not share the same personalities at all.

Jacob is a thinker. You can see the wheels turning as he watches and learns. He is honest and up front. He's laid back and reserved around strangers. He is fun, happy and loves to imaginary play with his toys. He's always been a good kid. I love that about him. He has manners for the most part. He's never been demanding or thrown temper tantrums.

Joshua is easy. He's a happy go lucky kid that just loves life. He doesn't fuss unless he is hungry or tired and you can tell which one it is by the way he is reacting. He loves to play with Jacob's toys and rough house with his Dad. He is content. He still loves cuddle time with his Mom and I love that. While I tag him as "easy", he's also very mischievious and sly. He loves to get into drawers and cabinets and take things or hide things that do not belong to him. When something goes missing we always know who got a hold of it. Mr. Big and I both look at each other like "Uh Oh!". He has a fascination for the toilet. He loves to throw things into the toilet and watch them float. Usually the items that land themselves in the toilet belong to Mom and Dad. You know like a $45 Dish Satelitte remote and a $50 Microsoft Cordless Mouse. If you are thinking, why doesn't she buy toilet locks, well-we have and he knows how they operate. He's not only sly, but he's smart.

In all their differences they are so much alike. They both love me to read to them. I can sit on the sofa and have to eager boys that will sit and let me read to them ALL DAY! They both adore Dora the Explorer. She is the coolest thing since sliced bread. They also both love to take a bath. They can sit in the bath together for an hour and play and play. They love to have their head rub while being held and/or rocked. They both smile and laugh at the drop of the hat and are generally happy go lucky kids. They have a great sense of humor and laugh at all our jokes. They are both 100% rough and tumble boys.

I look back to 6 years ago when we were really trying for a baby. I have such hurtful memories from the times when life seemed uncertain and we didn't know if we would have children. I can't tell you how much each hug, each kiss, each smile, each bo-bo, each special moment I have with each one of my boys means to me.

I was sitting at the Christmas parade last night watching the boys reactions to the marching band. Joshua was pointing and waving hi from his Daddy's arms. Jacob was sitting in my lap moving to the music and waving at the drummers. I welled up with tears and clapped along with them. I have moments like these just about everyday. They are fleeting moments where they come and go, but each one is engrained in my heart and my soul. Never a day goes by that I take these kids for granted!

I am lucky. I am blessed. I am forever grateful to God for the angels he has entrusted me with.

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