Thursday, July 19, 2007

Heaven got another Angel today...

Things in life happen when you least expect them. The number one being death of a loved one. I received the news today that two ladies I've met and grown to love through a Mom's board on the internet lost someone very close to them. Rachael lost her daughter and Jess lost her neice, Hannah. She was five years and nine months old. She drowned at the beach today.

I can imagine how Rachael's day started out and how happy they must have all been to be at the beach together. I know that when we go to the beach it is a big to do and life seems like it stands still because everyone is relaxed and having a great time. My heart sunk into my chest when I read that Rachael dove into the water as soon as she saw Hannah go under, but couldn't find her. I wept with huge tears rolling down my face. The fear filled my chest and my legs filled with goose bumps as I envisioned the scenerio in my head. Rachael's Day turned into the worst day of her life today and I can't imagine what her life will entail in the future. I have deep, deep sorrow for her and her family right now.

I am praying for this family and I hope that God took Hannah into heaven early because she has a special place or job there. I just watched a video of Hannah in a fairy costume dance around her living room on her Mom's blog, she looked beautiful and angelic. I picture her on the clouds in heaven with her halo gleaming and her smile bright. She will make a perfect angel even though her time here on earth was way too short.

I am beside myself with grief! Please say some prayers for Rachael, Jess and their family & friends today. They need all the prayers and thoughts they can get right now.


andria said...

That is so, so sad. I cannot even imagine.

You know I worry to death over my little ones that first year, SIDS and all, but that just shows you that you need to enjoy them every single second things can happen at any age. That poor mama. I ache for her.

Anonymous said...

This is just devastating. OMG. I will keep them in my prayers!

rachd said...

Thank you so much Aimee. Thank you for remembering my angel.

jesst said...


I'm a friend of Jess. I was linked to you by Tib's page. Your post was very thoughtful. Just wanted to let you know that I had read it.

Jess T

formerteacher said...

Oh, dear Lord, how awful. I'm sure this mom is a good mom. This could happen to any one of us. I have goosebumps now as I think about trying to search for my kids and not being able to find them. I will keep them in my prayers.