Thursday, August 23, 2007

10 Things I love about ME!

Sara tagged me... here goes.

1. I'm a great mother-
I'm the kind of mother I always thought I would be. My Boys adore me. They prefer me over anyone else when they are hurt or scared. They love my hugs and kisses. They actually enjoy spending time with me. I love to laugh with and at my kids. I love to snuggle up next to my boys and treasure each and every special moment we share.

2. I'm a great wife-
Or, So Mr. Big likes to say. He loves me for me and I love him for him. We can gain and lose weight , gain and lose weight and we both still think one another looks wonderful. I love learning something new about him even if we feel we've explored each other to the boundaries. I love his laugh and I love his smile. The warm embraces and sweet kisses still make me shiver. He's always new to me even after 8 years. I chose wisely and I'm glad I did.

3. I'm a great friend-
Loyal, trust worthy and a true friend. I love my friends and believe that friends are family you choose. I would die for my friends, just like I would die for my family. Life would be so boring with no friends around.

4. I'm a fun person-
I have never been one to shy away from a fun time. I'm usually the first one to do something silly. I laugh at my own jokes and I think they are pretty darn funny. I love life and find great humor in the funny things in life. Fun is part of who I am.

5. I'm determined-
I don't let barriers get in my way. I am a determined person.

6. I'm loyal-
I won't throw you under the bus. I'm as loyal as your dog. When I say I'm loyal, I mean it.

7. I'm organized-
My life would end without organization and a routine. I have to have those two things. Life is far more interesting when things are organized. Okay, far more anal, but it means alot to me.

8. I'm an introvert-
I tend to sit back and take it all in. I'm as out-going as they come when you know me, but until then I just inspect and enjoy.

9. I'm a good cook-
Everyone enjoys my food. They tell me that I'm a good cook and they ask for recipes. I enjoy feeding people and I never cook low-cal for a crowd.

10. I love life-
Everyday is special. I enjoy and treasure all the special moments in my life. You never get a day back so you might as well enjoy each and every single day. And, I'm thankful for my life and grateful for how it has played out.

Tib and Dawn-it's your turn.


Sara said...

10 wonderful attributes Aimee. I love it!

Jenine said...

I would love to meet you!! You are cool, and I mean It sounds weird on the puter.