Friday, August 24, 2007

Ball Day Friday

Today is Ball Day! I'm not talking about scrotum day or gonad day... Ha ha! I'm talking about a Gala with people all dressed up. Dance floor. Wine, Champagne, Fun drinks. Good times, my friends!

Make-up and Hair at 2pm this afternoon. I plan on coming home and having my Mommy help me pin and tape my dress in all the right places so I look perfecto. Getting ready at home and enjoying some time with the kids. Jacob is the best complimenter ever. He always tells me "Mommy pretty" when I get dressed up. Hell, he says it when I put make-up on just to go to the store. He's the sweetest!

Tonight should be fun times. I hope to laugh lots and enjoy myself. I also will enjoy good eats and drinks. I will take pictures and upload them to my Flickr for those that keep hounding me.

Happy Ball Day!

1 comment:

andria said...

Enjoy yourself.

I'll think of you and that champagne while I'm doling out the meatloaf tonight.