Thursday, August 14, 2008


Jacob is going into the public school system, but we still have unified dress code. He is allowed to wear solid polo shirts (long and short sleeve), khaki pants or shorts with no cargo pockets (suck!), blue jeans (with no cargo pockets), any type of shoe except sandals or open toe shoes, solid jackets or sweat shirts for cooler weather of any sort. I think that covers it and gives you the idea. So, we have been buying all summer when we see these types of clothing on sale. He is covered on the shirts and shorts. Monday we went to Target and bought some new shoes and a jacket. He is very excited, but not too excited about the dress code. He would much rather wear his tee and cargo shorts. I can feel his pain. Even though I attended a private school we didn't have uniforms so this is all new to me. I'm sure it will just take some time to get used to, I suppose.

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AmyRobynne said...

We're dealing with uniforms here too. Peter's are pickier -- white polos/turtlenecks over navy pants. We're supposed to get them from one of three suppliers, but plain white polos look similar enough that I can get away with off-brand stuff. The school held a used uniform sale where everything was $2-$4, so I got a lot there, including a vest and sweatshirt with the school emblem. He has to wear either black or white shoes -- in pre-k they can wear sneakers, but not after that. I haven't gotten around to finding white sneakers, so he's wearing his black church shoes for now. We have the same no cargos rule. Girls' clothes would be tougher -- either the jumper is the proper one or it's not. What do girls wear at Jacob's school?